29 mayo, 2023

A man, identified as MORENA political operator, arrested as alleged kidnapper, arsonist and in possession of illegal firearms


Rubén Velazco Pacheco is a political operator who ran for State Councilor for Baja California District 03, in the internal elections of MORENA (which is the political party of President Lopez Obrador), was arrested by agents of the STATE CITIZEN SECURITY FORCE after allegedly kidnapping two people in El Salitral in San Carlos town, part of the Ensenada Municipality.

MORENA is a political party, founded by President Lopez Obrador about 10 years ago, two weeks ago, there was an “election” to vote for State Councilors (in Mexico political parties are structures that work on public financing) and the man who was arrested heavily accused of alleged kidnap and arson, had run for Councilor of the party.

He is supposedly is linked to a MORENA political group headed by Mónica Vargas, Director of DIF Baja California (Integral Family System of the State Government) and Juan Eugenio Carpio Ascencio, head of COBACH (Public State High School System) , both recently appointed Baja California State councilors of the political party in power .

According to sources who requested anonymity, on the night of Monday, August 8, Velazco Pacheco and two other people were detained by elements of the State Citizen Security Force, after being pointes at as alleged kidnapers of two people, the events happened in El Salitral, near San Carlos in the Municipality of Ensenada.

According to witnesses, the vehicle in which they were detained (used in the kidnapping) coincides with the characteristics of the dark-colored truck in which the people who set fire to a unit stolen from the Ensenada Urban Development Trust escaped on July 30, therefore, his responsibility is also presumed in this act of arson and terrorism.

Up to the moment of writing this information, the State Prosecutor’s Office had reserved not to give more information about this serious and pitiful issue, but it has transcended that, due to his political ties, Rubén Velazco could be released soon.

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