26 noviembre, 2022

Bicycling from Tijuana to Tapachula, crossing Mexico with the CHICHIMECA ROUTE


Cycling is a passion, either for exercise or to compete, as well as a transportation alternative where the weather allows it, but for the RUTA CHICHIMECA (Chichimeca Route) project it is a challenge, crossing Mexico from Tijuana to Tapachula by bicycle is its objective.

By the way, Chichimeca is the Nahuatl (Aztec language) for redskin, and they applied to all those native indigenous North of the state of San Luis Potosi, where the Huasteco People settlements were the last frontier, from there it was nomadic tribes, the so-called Chichimecas.

The CHICHIMECA ROUTE left Tijuana Saturday morning, in Tecate they split into two contingents, one will continue through the peninsula and the others will continue to La Rumorosa, where they will spend the night to download La Rumorosa on Sunday morning and arrive early at the Civic Center, in the letters of MEXICALI and after the entire contingent arrives for the official photo.

They will rest in the afternoon and sleep in the ALBERGUE PEREGRINO shelter of Mexicali Municipal DIF, to leave early on Monday for San Luís Río Colorado, to continue through Sonora and meet up with the other contingent in a few days down South, where the ferry from La Paz arrives.

Upon leaving Mexicali on Monday morning, the Mexicali PD Transit Authority will provide support during their journey in Mexicali metropolitan area, and then they will continue to San Luis Río Colorado on the federal highway. Invitation is open to the cachanilla public who wants to come and greet this group of committed cyclists.

The MEXICALI sign in front of City Hall is the place to greet them and encourage them to continue in their effort to cross Mexico, from the border with the United States to the border with Guatemala.

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