6 julio, 2022

Delta presents «Zero Carbon Community» at COMPUTEX 2022, it goes from Industrial Brand to Commercial Brand


 Delta, a global leader in power and thermal management solutions, today held a press conference at COMPUTEX 2022 to present its «Zero Carbon Community» themed showcase, created with its smart building automation, smart energy and e-mobility solutions. During the event, Delta also highlighted its brand new corporate identity with the concept of «Unceasing Innovation for a Better Living» as the Company branches into a commercial brand from its original industrial brand.

The aforementioned showcase highlights how Delta’s Smart Green Solutions nurture the pillars of human-centric sustainable cities, such as smart microgrids, energy-resilient electric vehicle charging infrastructure, as well as smart, healthy, eco-friendly buildings.

Ping Cheng, Delta’s Chief Executive Officer, said, «Since its foundation in 1971, Delta has transformed from a components supplier into a systems and solutions provider, becoming also a leading industrial brand in the process. 2010 was Delta’s Brand Inauguration Year and we have continuously created an excellent brand image by leveraging our commitment to innovation and to sustainable corporate development.

In recent years, Delta’s business scope has gradually diversified, actively developing smart buildings, energy infrastructure, ICT infrastructure, electric vehicle onboard power electronics, powertrain system and charging solutions, and demonstrating our evolving brand and our devotion to mankind’s climate goals.

We expect to provide customers with a healthier, more comfortable, and safer quality of life and create a people-oriented sustainable city with our innovative technologies.»

Shan-Shan Guo, Delta’s Chief Brand Officer, said, «We are delighted to meeting our stakeholders again at COMPUTEX after two years of only virtual shows. This year, Delta is highlighting its smart building automation and increasingly innovative solutions for the creation of environment-friendly indoor environments that take into consideration users’ health and safety needs. In the face of the pandemic, this concept seems to be even more meaningful.

Our «Zero Carbon Community» theme debuts Delta’s brand-new corporate identity, which symbolizes our expansion from an industrial brand into a commercial brand. We have deployed a full range of self-developed UV disinfection products, bringing energy conservation to everyone with a safe and comfortable experience, which was a priority for us for participating in a physical exhibition where we intend to bring concrete solutions for a sustainable living.»

Roland Chiang, GM of Delta’s Building Automation Solutions Division, emphasized, «Delta’s building automation solutions are based on the Internet of Things (IoT) and integrate subsystems such as HVAC, lighting, and surveillance to improving energy efficiency through video surveillance and energy consumption analysis and digital management.

COMPUTEX has reurned in presential mode, and Delta’s exhibition area is located on the 4th floor of the Taipei World Trade Center Nangang Exhibition Hall. The exhibition area number is M0820 and the physical exhibition is open for visiting until May 27. In response to the pandemic, an online exhibition is held simultaneously.

Furthermore, healthy buildings have become another focal point beyond green buildings, and in the international WELL Building Standard, our customers can obtain 41 points by using Delta’s smart building solutions. (combining with Delta’s design capability and management proposals, customers can even achieve a higher score of over 80 points on the highest platinum level).

Because of the pandemic, indoor ventilation is highly essential and Delta’s indoor air quality solution has been introduced in 8 kindergartens in Taoyuan and applied to several care facilities and medical institutions in Taipei, such as Beitou Qiyan Evergreen Day Care Center, so as to practice Delta’s innovative solutions in different fields to effectively respond to users’ health needs.»

Meanwhile, low-carbon transportation and energy are also actively layout, including the debut of electric motorcycle charging solutions, electric vehicle power systems and charging infrastructure, energy storage systems, etc. Additionally, through Delta’s self-developed DeltaGrid® energy management system, the renewable energy, power conditioning, and energy storage solutions are effectively integrated to facilitate the realization of community microgrids in the future.

Delta has launched an «online tour» until June 6 so that those who cannot be present can also participate in the cloud. Please refer to the following website: https://deltaww.pse.is/47swnj

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