8 diciembre, 2023

Baja California farming secretary proposes a 50% tax reduction for Mexican wine to enhance their market potential


The elimination (up to 50%) of the Special Tax on Wine Production and Services (IEPS), to strengthen competitiveness, and boost development of the Mexican wine industry, specifically that of Baja California, is the proposal that will be presented to the Chamber of Deputies, the State Secretary for Agriculture, Héctor Haros Encinas, “We need better tax treatment for wine, since it has a negative impact on the development of the national wine sector. Wine must be treated as food and not as a drink, thereby would promote wine consumption in our country; it is estimated that the annual national average is only 960 milliliters per person, “said the official.

A bottle of Mexican wine pays 26.5% of the Special Tax on Production and Services (IEPS), seeking elimination or reduction to 13.25%, 412 MDP of this tax is collected annually, so it would also be sought to authorize the reduction to 50 %, the resource that is collected is reimbursed to the State to promote health and safety campaigns and the establishment of new vine plantations.

The exhortation before the Chamber of Deputies will be promoted by the local deputy, Juan Meléndrez Espinoza, who is president of the Committee on Agriculture, Livestock, Port Affairs and Fisheries in the XXIII Legislature of Baja California.

Haros Encinas commented that the development of the strategic wine industry for Baja California has become a thriving branch of development in the entity, thanks to the effort and dedication of its protagonists, where various economic areas such as tourism are also involved. Gastronomic and culturally; undoubtedly an economic strength that generates jobs and reaffirms the productive vocation of the region.

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