4 octubre, 2023

Angry feminists demonstrated in Mexicali and tried to set the State Attorney General building on fire


On Sunday May First at night, there was another violent demonstration by feminist groups in Mexicali ended with an infuriated mob setting fire to the main gate of the State Attorney General’s Office (FGE in Spanish) building, the flames that spread to most of the first floor, with economic damages that haven’t been estimated yet, but the activities at the at least for Monday.

The march began in the Civic Center’s Plaza de los Tres Poderes (Three Branch Square), City Hall was protected to avoid attacks by the collectives, which, on May 8, protested violently and were about to set the Municipal facilities on fire.

On Monday morning Special Agents and officers from the State Attorney General’s Office didn’t allow reporters to take close-up photos of the fire damage, but on Sunday night no one dared try to stop the enraged feminist arsonists.

On this occasion the demonstration marched to the Prosecutor’s Office and directed all its fury against the building of the State Attorney General’s Office, where the women, who were protesting the murder of a woman in Nuevo León and other abusive and vicious murders of women (the so called FEMINICIDES) that have been happening in Mexicali.

It seemed there was a lack of planning on the part of the police authorities, they shielded the City Hall building, to prevent savage damages and arson, however, they forgot that this time the final destination of the march was the Prosecutor’s Office, and this time they attacked the facilities with all the hatred and fury of feminism demanding Justice.

This is how the entrance to the building of the State Attorney General’s Office (FGE) wound up, after the attack of feminists who demanded justice, willing to sacrifice buildings and even kill those who are not with them or who question them in the least detail, somehow they become what they hate: Violent repressors, but they justify it by saying they demand justice in female murders and rape cases which many times go unpunished.

However, by damaging the facilities of the Prosecutor’s Office, the protesters who demand justice are denying the same to other people who would have to go on Monday, May 2 for complaints and other procedures related to investigations and other work of the FGE.

The conclusion, after the events of Sunday May 1, after the useless burning of the first floor of the building, is that they protest against the disappeared women and the femicides, but they are capable of passing over other lives and even murdering to those who get in the way of their angry protest.

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