26 marzo, 2023

FGE arraigns two men who allegedly stole 500 thousand pesos from a political party in Mexicali


Miguel Ángel “N” AKA “El Chicano” and Carlos Oswaldo “N” AKA  “El Estrella”, who are accused of several robberies to ATM users and clients outside Banks, as well as the violent robbery of more than 500 thousand pesos, property of a political party, were arraigned and will have to face process in jail, according to information from the State Attorney General’s Office (FGE).

Investigations were carried out by the elements of the State Investigation Agency and the Agent of the Public Ministry, it made possible to prove the participation of both men in the violent robbery committed by two or more people, and they are allegedly linked to several ongoing investigations. After hearing the arguments presented by both parties, the Control Judge granted preventive detention as a precautionary measure.

Regarding the robbery of 500 thousand pesos (around 27 thousand dollars) from a member of a political party in Mexicali, it was established that the incident occurred on January 4 of this year, when the victim arrived in his car to the parking lot of the Plaza Comercial La Gran Vía with his girlfriend and his mother.

When they were going out of the car, a dark-colored Mazda, suddenly appeared, stopped in front of them, two men with their faces covered got out of the vehicle, carrying firearms; they ordered the women to drop their handbags.

Then, a third individual, who had stayed on the car, told them to take away the backpack that the man was carrying, which contained an HP computer, with a charger, a set of keys and the amount of approximately 520 thousand pesos in cash, after that they got on the car and left the scene driving at full speed, without causing physical injuries.

According to investigations, the modus operandi consisted of a subject being located in a bank branch waiting for his victims and sending the information to his accomplices, who followed them and threat them with firearms, and deprive them of their cash, Miguel Ángel “N”, was identified as the leader of the gang, which of violent robbers and is related to the following investigation folders:

NUC 0202-2021-30533. On October 4, 2021, at approximately 9:30 p.m., the victim, upon returning from a currency exchange service, when she was arriving at her home, was surprised by the band; they took her bag containing 72 thousand 30 pesos and 3 thousand 067 dollars, as well as personal documents.

NUC 02-2021- 36600. On November 26, 2021, the victim had just withdrawn 60 thousand pesos from a banking institution located on Avenida Michoacán and Calle Cuarta de Colonia Pueblo Nuevo and was robbed.

NUC 0202-2021-08340. On March 22 of 2022, a worker of the Hospital de la Familia was going to the bank branch located on Avenida Torneros and López Mateos in Colonia Industrial, to make a deposit and was allegedly approached by these two subjects, who dispossessed him of approximately 200 thousand pesos.

While Carlos Oswaldo “N” has a criminal record for violent robberies, possession of drugs and firearms, as well as for the crime of breaking an entry and house robbery.

The State Attorney General’s Office through the Regional Prosecutor’s Office of Mexicali will continue to carry out the investigations to establish his probable participation in other robberies carried out with the same modus operandi.

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