29 mayo, 2023

Shootout at Los Algodones, Police responds attack, one criminal dead, the others escaped


After last Thursday morning shootout in Los Algodones, which started when two suspicious men riding a motorcycle didn´t obey the Mexicali PD officers who wanted to pull them over and carry out a routine intervention, the alleged criminals got off the bike and ran away.

As they ran, both parties were shooting their firearms, the PD elements called the C4 Communications Center requesting back up, while the two men tried to hide inside a housing tenement, where they tried to shield and opened fire again.

Back up arrived and consisted of National Guard, the Army and State guard agents who shot and killed one of the two men hiding in the tenement, but they weren’t able to arrest the other one who somehow got away.

“Mexicali police officers, who were making a routine surveillance round, spotted two people on a motorbike, they seem suspicious so they tried to stop them nut those men abandoned the bike and ran, they hid inside a house and there was a thirty minute shootout”, said Pedro Ariel Mendívil, Mexicali Police Chief.

They belong to “Los Garibay” which is an organized crime cell that has operated in Mexicali for more than three decades, so they are “persons of interest”, said Mendívil, unfortunately one of them managed to get away while his accomplice died in the shooting and there were no arrests made.

Violence has been a big problem all over Mexico, and it´s gotten worse since President Lopez Obrador took charge pf the country, Mexicali Valley has fallen to organized crime forces, and the last episode was two days ago in Los Algodones, a peaceful border two where Americans go to buy prescription drugs and to get medical attention, at lower prices than the USA.

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