3 octubre, 2023

Highway from Tecate to Tijuana closed at 5 AM Wednesday February 23 for heavy snow, rain and strong winds


Snowfalls and drizzles have caused the closure of the highway stretch from Tecate to Tijuana, beginning in El Cóndor, according to reports from the State Civil Protection Coordination (CEPC) of Baja California, which took the decision to close the road in order to avoid risk of accidents that could cost lives of motorists.

The CEPC press release explains that, derived from the intensity of the snowfall, the State authorities, in joint work with the National Guard and CAPUFE (Federal Roads and Highways Agency), have decided to close the free roads and highways in the Tecate-Tijuana road section to avoid incidents.

The closure of the free highway Tecate-Tijuana at the height of El Cóndor, occurred around 5:00 am, while that of the highway was half an hour later. This impediment to transit is in both directions, so users are informed to avoid driving through these sections.

Weather conditions predict that this closure could last until noon this Wednesday, February 23 at about 3:00 in the afternoon.

As for the coastal area, that includes Tijuana, Playas de Rosarito, Ensenada and Tecate, rainy and windy conditions persist, while in Mexicali only winds are observed. Better weather conditions are expected on Thursday.

Stay informed through the pages of the State Civil Protection Coordination and the General Secretariat of the State Government.

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