25 septiembre, 2023

One million pesos invested in San Felipe community Hospital’s make over: Health Secretary


Addressing the needs of San Felipe has been a flag of several governments, which have promised to take care of the problems of San Felipe community but they haven´t given results and have even forgotten the port’s necessities, this is an opportunity for Governor Marina del Pilar to really do something for San Felipe, that has not grown as it should despite its enormous potential.

Seeking to thoroughly meet the needs and requirements of the inhabitants of San Felipe, the State Health Secretary reported that there will be new medical equipment and adequate facilities at the San Felipe Community Hospital, the Secretary’s statement reported that nearly one million pesos were invested in the Hospital “make over”.

The Hospital before and after the “make over” that the Secretary of Heath carried out, now there are neat and practical facilities to provide the best medical service possible to San Felipe residents.

The Hospital was utterly renewed; its walls were repaired, as well as corridors and spaces for people with disabilities, signs, pipe installations changed, as well as acquisition of new equipment, all this was done aiming to provide San Felipe residents with a reliable community hospital.

On a tour of the hospital, the Secretary of Health, Adrián Medina Amarillas, confirmed that the one million pesos investment had been used in a real good manner, in addition to delivering an ambulance, a purchase that was financed together with INSABI (Health Welfare Institute) for emergency care in that area.

Medina Amarillas recalled that this week, the first COVID Care Clinic was opened in Tijuana, which had also been abandoned or at least forgotten so the Health Secretary took the job at hand and worked to improve that Clinic, so that the health services can cover the State residents’ demand.

Doctor Medina Amarillas, Baja California Secretary of Health, said they have been working in order to improve the State’s medical facilities all over Baja aiming to provide better services.

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