25 marzo, 2023

Three people allegedly involved in the murder of Baja journalist Lourdes Maldonado arrested early February 9


After the hard media impact of the murder of two journalists in Baja, and the emotional blow that the two journalist murder cases caused in Baja California society, as well as at a national and international level, on the morning of February 9, in President Lopez Obrador’s “early morning show” the Federal Secretary of Citizen Security, Rosa Icela Rodríguez, announced the arrest of three people allegedly related to the murder of the journalist.

In a press release, the Governor Marina del Pilar Ávila Olmeda, emphasized the collaboration between state and federal government orders, to follow up on the investigations into the death of Maldonado, the arrest occurred in the early hours of February 9, this is a remarkable progress in the work of Atalo Machado, special prosecutor appointed to investigate the two cases, first Margarito Martinez who was murdered a few days prior to Maldonado´s death.

Secretary Rodríguez explained that the investigations continue and thanked the anonymous reports that made it possible to locate and arrest the three allegedly involved in the murder of Lourdes Maldonado, who was shot to death as she left her home on Sunday, January 23, in a case that drew global attention, because a year earlier, more or less, Lourdes had attended the “morning show” to ask President López Obrador for protection, saying that she feared for her life.

Unfortunately, custody was not granted through the System for the Protection of Journalists and Human Rights Defenders, because “it was not yet installed in Baja California,” according to official versions and according to General Landeros, Secretary of State Security. , she was provided with a “panic button” that she simply could not activate when she was attacked by surprise.

However, the panic button was of little use and adequate protection was not provided, there are many investigation lines and suspicions in this case, which leads to different places in Baja California and famous people who could be behind this cruel and harsh murder, a hard blow to the journalistic profession, but the investigations have not stopped.

The investigation continues, said Rosa Icela Rodríguez, there is still a lot of material to analyze in the murder of Lourdes, as well as a lot of police work to vent because Machado is a special prosecutor for the two murders, that of Lourdes Maldonado and that of the photojournalist Margarito Martínez, who was murdered a few days before Maldonado, also in Tijuana.

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