25 septiembre, 2023

DIF Baja California sent Melody, a 2 year old girl, to CdMx to get medical attention for Systemic Tuberculosis


Little Melody Guadalupe, a two year old girl form Rosarito, has hope of improvement and recovery from a serious illness, with the help of the Baja California Integral Family Development System (DIF), which achieved to get the support of a Federal Medical Instance and paid the airplane tickets for the little girl and her mother to travel to Mexico City to receive treatment at the National Institute of Pediatrics, after all available medical resources to treat her illness in Baja had already been exhausted.

Without treatment, tuberculosis can be fatal. This active, untreated disease usually affects the lungs, but it can also spread to other parts of the body.

Little Melody was able to travel to CdMx to receive specialized medical care for her serious case of Systemic Tuberculosis, thanks to the efforts made by the Baja California DIF for her transfer to the country’s capital.

The minor, who suffers from a severe condition of systemic tuberculosis, had been treated until the capacities of the General Hospital of Rosarito and the state were exhausted, requiring a more specialized intervention, so the Ministry of Health, headed by J. Adrián Medina Amarillas, managed to get the girl received in the aforementioned hospital.

Systemic Tuberculosis is a mycobacterial infection in which the mycobacteria has spread from the lungs to other parts of the body through the blood or the lymphatic system, which is the case of little Melody, so it was necessary to fly her to CdMx , with the effort of the State DIF to be able to back help the family of the little patient, and take one more step towards her total recovery.

Thanks to the prompt steps taken and the support of the head of the state DIF, Mavis Olmeda García, the transfer of the minor was possible, accompanied by her grandmother and medical personnel in charge of monitoring the evolution during the air travel, to receive tertiary care by a multidisciplinary medical group that includes pediatric gastroenterology, pediatric infectious disease and pediatric surgery.

The Secretary of Health thanked the inter-institutional collaboration and the support of the president of the state DIF, as well as the efforts of the Hospital Coordinator, Dr. Jaime Ramiro Urrea Ayón, and Dr. Luis García, director of the HGR, as well as all the involved, to give the little girl a hope of well-being and health, in faithful follow-up of the humanitarian mission of a state institution such as the DIF of Baja California.

Little Melody, on board of the airplane that took her to Mexico City, she will receive special medical attention due to the serious tuberculosis case she is suffering from.

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