3 octubre, 2023

COVID-19 infections on the rise in Mexico’s most important touristic destinations


Mexican health authorities are pushing hard for vaccinations to advance, while Omicron hits hard, some states as Baja California, have started inoculating people in a massive operation all over the State.

COVID-19 infections are rising in Mexico, especially in two states home to major tourism destinations on the Caribbean Sea and Pacific Ocean that were busy during the holiday season.

Federal government data shows that Quintana Roo, where tourists flock to Cancun, Tulum and several touristic centers dotting the Mayan Riviera, and the state of Baja California Sur, which draws tourists from all over the world to Los Cabos, Cabo San Lucas and San José del Cabo, both experiencing some of their highest infection totals since the start of the pandemic.

President López Obrador said that despite the new variant being very contagious, the country was not seeing rising hospitalizations, but the contagions are growing fast and the aforementioned touristic spots might be in risk of a new lockdown.

There have been reports of cancellations in hotels and resorts, according to some touristic servers from La Paz and Los Cabos, as well as the Maya Riviera, but others explain that it is the “low season” that comes after Christmas and New Year, the reason behind the decrease in tourist flow.

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