5 diciembre, 2022

Mexicali PD officers rescued a Guatemalan girl who got lost in the desert near Los Algodones


Tuesday, October 26, in the morning, the Mexicali Police Department achieved the rescue of an eight-year-old girl, hailing from Guatemala, who had gotten lost in the dune area of the graveyard near Los Algodones in the Mexicali Valley northern section, her life was in risk and two officers found her and took her to safety.

It was around 10:30 in the morning when the Mexicali PD radio operator received a report of the United States Border Patrol, about a minor who was located in the afore mentioned area, she had been abandoned there by “coyotes” (human traffickers), and they informed Mexicali´s police that they had detained her mother on the American side of the border.

Mexicali PD officers from the North Valley Area Unit, started looking for the little girl, and after walking for quite a while in the border wall area, managed to find the 8 year old, on the dune area, all by herself, the Border Patrol agents were on the other side trying to calm the little girl down, while help arrived.

With the presence and help of elements from the National Defense Secretary (Mexican Army) and from the National Institute of Immigration (INAMI in Spanish) the girl was handled to her mother and both of them were taken under the custody of the INAMI officers who will decide their migratory status.

This is an example of how the “coyotes” take advantage of the people who arrive to Baja California dreaming to cross the border and find humanitarian asylum or expecting to remain within US territory trying to find an opportunity, the so called American Dream, which many tines becomes a nightmare of sorts or even their own demise.

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