1 abril, 2023

Parents arraigned for negligence, they let their 11 month old baby girl get intoxicated with drugs


October first, in the Emergency Room of Mexicali General Hospital, there was a nervous couple who were bringing a small 11 month old girl with serious health problems, according to the doctors diagnosis, the little baby was intoxicated with some kind of drug, which at the end of the matter turned out to be chrystal methamphetamine, according to a press release form the General Attorney Office of Baja California.

The release didn´t mention what drug it was that caused the problem, but sources informed this reporter that it had been chrystal meth, and that her parents were addicted to the synthetic drug, so both of them were detained right there and they were arraigned for Parental Negligence, since they failed to look after their own daughter, being a bad influence and being as careful as to provoke their own child´s intoxication.

Their names are DANIEL ARTEMIO “N” y KARLA GETSEMANÍ “N”, and they will have to face justice for their carelessness and irresponsibility, because they let their drug addiction problem take the best of them, and they caused their own baby daughter´s drug intoxication.

In their statement they pointed out that they were in their house, in Río Coyoluapan, in Parajes del Puebla, one of the most troublesome sections of Mexicali, when they noticed that their little baby girl had “some health issues”, so they decided to take her to the Emergency Room and there was where the medics determined that the girl had consumed drugs somehow.

So they declared that they were disctated, maybe under the influence of the dreaded substance, thought the girl had become in contact with drug residues, they didn´t mention where it was or how it could have happened, but they decided to take her to the Hospital, and that is where doctors saw the problem, and the parents were arrested.

In another arraignment hearing, a man who allegedly ran over a Mexicali PD police officer, the accused tried to “cut the line” when he was about to cross the border, the officer tried to stop him but the man didn´t care and almost ran over him, so he was arrested.

The name of the alleged attacker is MOISES”X” and it sounds strange that he wasn´t charged with attempted murder, but only accused of assault, and he was arraigned, he will have to wait in jail to be declared innocent or guilty. NOTE: The “X” is used instead of the surname of the alleged culprits of different crimes, because Mexico´s Criminal Law doesn´t allow media to mention they complete names, until proven guilty.

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