10 diciembre, 2023

A human trafficker wanted in the United States was arrested in Mexicali, the FGE sent him back to California to face his crime


A man who was wanted by the United States authorities, namely the US MARSHALS< was arrested in Mexicali and he is expected to be sent back to the US, his name is JOSE ALFONSO “X” (Mexican criminal Law forbids to display his surname until he is sentenced), and there is an arrest warrant issued against him since he violated parole.

The State Attorney Office of Baja California, informed about the capture of JOSE ALFONSO “X”, 46 years old, who is from Los Angeles, and according to the liaison office of the US MARSHALS he had fled to Mexico,  after he had been tried and sentenced for human trafficking, he spent a time in jail and then he got paroled.

That was when he decided to flee, so he took advantage of the contacts he had made when he was smuggling people from Mexico to the USA and he ran the opposite course, from California to Mexicali, and tried to hide in the city, but he was located and detained.

He had been sentenced on April 20, 2021, but somehow he got paroled, and thought it would be easy to hide in Mexicali, but thanks to the joint effort of the US MARSHALS and the State General Attporney office, who investigated this case, he was caught and soon he will be sent back to the States so he may face justice and, most likely to return to jail for a long time.

Once the arrest was carried out and the paperwork filled, the Baja California State Guard (GESI) sent JOSE ALFONSO to the Immigration National Institute, which will submit the man to the United States authorities.

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