7 febrero, 2023

Two men, who allegedly shot prestigious lawyer Cuauhtemoc Castilla in Mexicali, were arraigned by the FGE


About ten days ago, prestigious Mexicali lawyer, Cuauhtémoc Castilla, was shot at his office doors, around 2:30 on a Tuesday afternoon, a car passed by and a shooter aimed at him, missing by a few millimeters and hurting him, not badly, and then they fled the scene towards the Municipal Jail, where they abandoned the car.

Mr. Castilla has been working in cases involving high profile cases in Mexicali, such as representing the families of people who died in traffic accidents caused by drunk drivers, who “somehow” have managed to evade the responsibility, involving an alleged participation of Police authorities to help them “go free”.

Besides that, Castilla also represented the family of the girl who was murdered by her boyfriend who put her body in his car’s trunk, but was discovered in his parents’ house garage, before he could get rid of it, in a horrifying case of FEMINICIDE, as typified in Mexican criminal laws.

Castilla had also been Director of the State Penitentiary System for the first few months of Governor Jaime Bonilla’s administration, but he resigned to return to private practice, his own firm that dates back about 50 years, when his father started it.

After a fast investigation, the State Guard agents of the General State Attorney (FGE in Spanish), located and detained two men, VÍCTOR ERNESTO «N» y ABEL «N», who also went by the name of Jorge Ramón or Ramón, and were formally charged for attempted homicide, but they gave no details as of the investigation thread or the motives.

VÍCTOR ERNESTO «N» y ABEL «N» are presumed innocent until proven guilty, the trial might take between three and six months, according to the State Judicial Branch, and their surnames as well as their face, have to be concealed, as the Law mandates, and will only be revealed if they are found guilty.

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