25 mayo, 2022

Baja Lessons: A Week Of What Matters…Day 1: Salt And Lime Fritos And Cold Cerveza. A Crazed Lady chronicle


After a long absence, the Crazed Lady is back, we gladly welcome back, and today she shares on of her BAJA LESSONS, she is an American who loves to travel to Los Cabos, and has explored a lot of the beautiful territory called BAJA CALIFORNIA SUR, in The Baja Post, we are happy to have her again on our website, good to see you Crazed Lady, don’t be a stranger.

Baja Lessons:  A Week of What Matters…Day 1:  Salt and Lime Fritos and Cold Cerveza (Versión en inglés y español incluida)


The very first thing I buy when I touch down, literally at the bar outside the airport, is buy a bag of Salt and Lime Fritos and a cold cerveza.  It’s that know I’ve arrived moment.  That know I’m back to the place I belong feeling.  This time they were both even more sweet because I had waited three hundred and fifty-one days, four hours, and about twelve minutes to be standing with those Fritos and that beer in my hand.

The next day it was the wall the bougainvillea made along the sidewalk as I took a morning walk towards the beach.  Beautiful pink flowers.  Full bloom and thriving.  The calm they brought to me.  The deep breath.  The release.  It was the glowing horse at The Hangman restaurant.  A new building and a brighter environment, but the same vibe.  The same décor.  The kind you recognize instantly.  It was footprints in the sand that allow you to look back and see just how far you’ve come.  The Carin, the balanced rocks, that show you that even things that don’t look possible are.  The little Chihuahua with the big bark that reminds us we all have a voice.  All of us.

I had waited to travel and move about just like most everyone else on this planet had.  I had wanted big adventures and wild risks again.  I wanted new and better and bigger, but what I quickly found was that wasn’t what I needed.  What I needed were the little things.  The everyday things.  The expected and the routine.  The things you often forget to notice if you don’t pay really close attention.

I needed to hold hands with my husband on a deserted beach.  I needed my favorite Mexican pastry for breakfast.  I needed to watch the little boy laugh each time the waves knocked him down.  I needed to sleep.  Take a siesta.  Watch the sunrise.  Drink more margaritas.  Try new restaurants.  Meet someone new.  Do something all by myself.  Live for the little things.  The little moments.  The moments that add together to mean more than the bigger stuff ever will.

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