29 septiembre, 2022

American citizen wanted by the US MARSHALS, dteined by the State Attorney (FGE), he was hiding in Mexicali


Baja California State Attorney (FGE), working along with the US Marshals, detained in Mexicali an American identified as DAVID ALBERTO “N” 44 years old, from El Centro, California, “armed and dangerous”, a person of interest for the United Sates Government, wanted for attempted murder against an American officer.

According to reports provided by the US Marshals to the FGE, the DAVID ALBERTO viciously attacked and almost killed an American law enforcement officer, back in 2004, he was detained and sentenced to 17 years in prison, but through good behavior, he made parole and fled to Mexico.

US Marshals investigations led to Mexicali, so they contacted the international liaison of the FGE, and after a swift investigation by the State Investigation Guard (GESI), they located and arrested DAVID ALBERTO and turned the suspect to the National Migration Institute, and in a few days he will be back to face hard prison again.

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