29 mayo, 2023

Alleged murderers of Tijuana US Consulate employee, detained by Baja California State Attorney


Two men were arrested as alleged murderers of an employee of the Tijuana US Consulate, Edgar Flores Santos, they are suspected to belong to a “violence source” group from Tijuana and after four months of investigations these two suspects are in custody they were detained by agents from the State Guard of Investigations (GESI).

The victim was a United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) employee, and was assigned to Tijuana US Consulate and he was shot dead in Rancho La Uva (Grape Ranch) in Valle Redondo in Tijuana, and according to investigations by the GESI, his body and car were abandoned in the ranch nearby area, on September 30, 2020.

GESI detectives found that a high profile delinquent crew, which operates distributing narcotics around the Tecate area, and the East End of Tijuana, where they defend their turf in a violent manner and investigations got so deep that GESI agents managed to obtain an arrest warrant against two suspects and alleged killers.US CONSULATE

The Special Attorney for Homicides, gathered all the necessary data and intelligence to get enough proof so the arrest warrant may be granted, then the suspects Ivys Yuninny “X” aka “El vikingo” and Juan Carlos “X” aka “El solovino”, they were arrested on January 29 and were arraigned the following day, the Judge conceded a 6 month time term, to accomplish the investigations and proof gathering.



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