10 diciembre, 2023

Medical tourism is worth 244 million pesos every year for Baja California: Sustainable Economy Secretary


77% of this target group, who assist to Baja California to attend medic issues, comes from the south of California, Arizona and Nevada, and the other 23% comes from Canada, Europe and Australia.

During 2020, this topic has generated 264 million dollars to Baja California, Mario Escobedo, headmaster from sustainable economy and tourism bureau (SEST “Spanish acronym for Secretaría de Economía Sustentable y Turismo”) signed an agreement with members from the “Baja Health Cluster” and Ricardo Vega Montiel’s presence, cluster’s president from health services from Baja California.

He said that Baja California has technology, attention procedures, treatments and short terms surgeries: “with this agreement we want to develop a responsible furtherance about health and wellness tourism in this country and abroad, and the goal is to increase the visitors flow in Baja California, so they can receive quality care.

Another goal is to obtain and exchange statistics and information to know the offer and demand about health services, for a better decision making to give train who give this services and medical/health investigations, related with opportunity.

Baja Health Cluster started on October 4, 2011 on Tijuana, to increase health tourism, encourage professional development, strategic alliances and public policy lobbying for the sake of the sector’s competitiveness, and it is endorsed about good practices and outstanding projects by the European cluster analysis

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