3 junio, 2023

CETYS University maintains high academic level in spite of COVID-19 pandemics: Dean Fernando León


Given the global challenges posed by the health contingency, CETYS University continues to work to maintain a high level of educational quality, said Fernando León García, Rector of the CETYS University System, in a virtual meeting with regional and national media, reporting on actions that carried out throughout 2020 to ensure the academic continuity of the students.

He highlighted the implementation of the CETYS Flex 360 ° Model, which was adapted to the needs of the New Normal, a hybrid, face-to-face and / or distance education modality, with pedagogical strategies and the use of educational technology, extensive and continuous training for academics, adaptation of 100% of classrooms for classes in hybrid mode, and a monitoring plan for student life, in the areas of leadership, sports and culture.

He spoke about institutional development in 2020: Campus adaptation in technology and security protocols for Safe Return; teacher training to teach classes in remote and hybrid modes; investment for the use of kits for practices, licenses and virtual laboratories, continuity of international experiences through virtual courses and the E-Mobility modality; the assurance of every 8 out of 10 students who have scholarships and financial support; increasing the granting of scholarships by 10% in 2020 and another increase in 2021, as well as training of the Institution’s collaborators on care and prevention of COVID-19.cetys

CETYS University, supported 122 families with the CETYS Solidario fund, who were at risk due to the economic consequences of the contingency; He also mentioned the United Scholarship for new students, other actions to support the community and student leadership developed in the last year.

On the role that universities play in the current contingency, he commented that institutions must adapt and be flexible in the face of the New Normal, and respond according to their mission and learning objectives.

“This has led to the response according to the different regions of the world according to our context, regulations and hierarchy, but all trying to protect health, of whom we serve in the case of Higher Education Institutions, and to give continuity to the learning and education of the students”, indicated León García.

He announced that on January 25, classes will begin in non-face-to-face mode in the 2020-1 semester in Preparatory and Professional, the needs of the student body will continue to be adapted through the CETYS Flex 360 ° Plus Model, evolution that allows academic continuity, retaking aspects of teacher training, mental and emotional health, as well as learning innovations in each College of CETYS University.

The continuity of the infrastructure works in the three campuses was also highlighted, such as the Multilevel Parking Lot and the seven-story Pedestrian Bridge, as well as the Professional Building and Student Center of Campus Tijuana; the construction of the Baja California Vitivinicultural Study Center on the Ensenada Campus, and the modernization of the Auditorium on the Mexicali Campus.


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