31 mayo, 2023

CETYS Professor talks about Mexico & USA binational relations after 2020 Presidential election


The Democrat Joe Biden and the Republican and current President Donald Trump are the contenders to rule the most powerful country in the world for the next 4 years. One of them will be proclaimed the winner in a couple of weeks, as long as there are no controversies during the electoral process that force the United States Judiciary to determine the winner.

Doctor Francisco Velez Torres, direfctor of CETYS Campus Mexicali school of Administration, spoke about Mexico´s expectations after next Tuesday´s election

A few days before the presidential election, Biden leads Trump by about 10 points globally, outpacing him in key swing states so broadly as to assume that Biden is able to get 270 Electoral College votes; However, at this time the victory of both is possible, said Dr. Francisco Vélez Torres, Director of the College of Business and Administration of CETYS University System.

“It can be said that regardless of who the President of the United States is for the next 4 years, the binational relationship with Mexico, especially on the border, maintains the expectation of continuing to be dynamic, productive and beneficial for both countries.”

However, he clarified, it is always desirable that all the variables add, and the presidential variable can add differently depending on the figure that occupies that position.



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