19 mayo, 2022

Four men detained in Mexicali by GESI agents, in a BMW with Arizona plates, in possession of 40K dollars 


STATE GUARD AGENTS SEIZED 40 thousand dollars form the four young men who were arrested in Mexicali downtown in a car with Arizona license plates

Four young men, who were riding in a luxurious car on Mexicali downtown streets, with a big amount of money, of dubious precedence, were detained by agents of the State Guard of Security and Investigations (GESI) according to a press release issued by the State General Attorney´s office.

The information states that when the GESI agents were making a routine surveillance tour in Mexicali downtown in the corner of Reforma Avenue and Nicolas Bravo Street, they saw a suspicious car, a BMW with Arizona license plates, with four young men inside, so they pulled them over and proceeded to frisk them and search the car for illegal substances or weapons and they found a black back pack with cash amounting up to 40 thousand 680 dollars.

The four arrested suspects were identified as Luis Enrique “X”, 29 years old, from San Luis Río Colorado; Jesús Federico “X” 27 years old, from Mexicali; Mario Alexander “X” y Brando “X”, both 18 years old and hailing from California.

They said that they worked for a federal high Rank official and showed a cardboard ID badge with Mexico´s official shield and letters reading FEDERAL PUBLIC SERVANT, anyhow the four suspects were arrested and they might be charged with impersonating a Government officer and being in possession of illegal financial resources swo the GESI agents turned them to the competent authorities.



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