23 septiembre, 2023

The mortal remains of an American firefighter, disappeared on August 20, found by the FGE


mortal remains
Francisco Michael Aguilar Cornejo, the Los Angeles firefighter whose remains were found in Playas de Rosarito

The mortal remains of Francisco Michael Aguilar Cornejo, the Los Angeles firefighter who had been reported disappeared since last August 20, were found by the State General Attorney (FGE) according to a press conference ordered by State Attorney Guillermo Ruiz Hernandez, the conference was led by the State Central Attorney, Hiram Sanchez Zamora, who said that the man´s body was found Monday, October 23, on an unpopulated area south from Boulevard 2000 in Playas de Rosarito.

After they found the mortal remains of the firefighter, personnel from the Forensic Science State Institute of the FGE, took care of the crime scene, lifted the body and processed the scene on the field, then genetic tests were carried out with samples provided by the victims’ relatives, also known as Frank Aguilar, turning out to be positive so the authorities immediately notified the man´s family.

Two people are currently detained and arraigned to a process as alleged responsible of “forced disappearance” committed by private citizens, against Francisco Michael Aguilar Cornejo, but his mortal remains finding by the FGE, may cause a change in the accusation against the two alleged kidnappers and they might as well be tried as murderers, said Central Attorney Hiram Sanchez Zamora, during the press conference.

During the investigations, the State Guard special agents of the FGE, also recovered a 1993 Jeep, that belonged to the victim, it supposedly had been stolen by the two detained suspects and sold by a third person to a citizen who was unaware of the vehicle precedence, so it is just a matter of time that the accusation to those two changes from “forced disappearance” to “qualified murder”, said the Central Attorney.



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