10 diciembre, 2023

Juan Antonio “X” fled from California violating parole and hid in Mexicali, arrested by State Guard


A man who skipped parole in California, and fled to Mexico trough the Mexicali border crossing, was arrested in Mexicali by special agents from the State General Attorney´s Office (FGE in Spanish), he was hiding in Mexicali since he fled the USA when he received the benefit of parole after doing almost a year in jail for illegal firearm possession, according to a press release issued by the FGE.

JUAN ANTONIO “X”, 37 years old, had an outstanding arrest warrant, and after a short investigation where the international Liaison of the US MARSHALS and the State Guard for Security and Investigation (GESI in Spanish), the man was located and detained in Mexicali. 

Once the paperwork and other legal and COVID19 related protocols were accomplished, GESI special agents delivered JUAN ANTONIO to the United States authorities in order for him to face the responsibility of his acts and return to prison, since he violated parole, which means being locked up again.

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