29 enero, 2023

Citric farmers from Mexicali Valley received phytosanitary manegement training dy the SCSA


The design of the plantation and cultural practices, on the phytosanitary management of citrus fruits, aspects such as climate, soil, water and biotic conditions, were the subject of a training course entitled «Management and Establishment of Citrus Cultivation in the Valley de Mexicali ”for citrus producers and those seeking to start growing in this community, organized by the Secretariat of the Field and Food Safety (SCSA), in coordination with the Citrus Product System in Baja California.

The course includes information related to the current situation of citrus farming in Mexico and its trends, as well as technical aspects of climate and soil to consider in the establishment of citrus orchards and was taught through the State Program of Consultancy for Productive Reconversion ( PEARP) operated by the Technical Advisory and Accompaniment Directorate,

The Undersecretary of the Field, Sergio Leopoldo González, indicated that the instruction of the head of the SCSA, Héctor Haros Encinas, is to continue promoting productive reconversion, therefore working hand in hand with citrus growers and promoting new plantations.

Currently in the Mexicali Valley, there are approximately 500 hectares of citrus fruits, among which orange, lemon, grapefruit and mandarin stand out, but there is interest from producers to experiment with this crop, which makes the accompaniment essential , advice and training in the management of the establishment and phytosanitary management of the crop, highlighted González.

On the other hand, German Corrales Flores from the SCSA Advisory and Accompaniment Directorate, pointed out that in addition to the training that will continue to be promoted, there is an extension service, with the aim of monitoring, through visits to production units, and meet the needs required by new producers, as well as those with orchards already established.

During his participation, he indicated that currently in our country, 24 states are citrus producers, with more than 600 thousand hectares cultivated and representing approximately 5 million tons of citrus, including orange, mandarin, grapefruit and lemon. He also pointed out that our city, Mexicali, has a favorable climate for growing tropical crops, so the establishment of citrus plantations would have good results, and we also have a phytosanitary status that allows the cultivation to be promoted.

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