1 abril, 2023

Helicopter rescues a family of five, they were abandoned in the mountains near the border with the USA


The hazards that Mexicans face when they want to enter the USA illegally are many, and most of the time they are lethal, but the necessity to look for opportunities they can´t find in their own country is much bigger than the fear of danger, so thousands of Mexicans try to attain the “American Dream” even though many times it turns out to be a nightmare.

A family, five adults and two minors, was rescued when they were lost and disoriented in the mountains of Baja California, very near the border with California, they are believed to be immigrants seeking to enter the USA illegally, but might have been left there by the so-called “coyotes” or “polleros” (human traffickers)

Baja California Governor Jaime Bonilla Valdez, authorized the rescue operation headed by the Beta Group, by providing aerial support, which means that the “chopper” and Captain Jorge Mauricio Sanchez coordinated the emergency rescue task, to save the five people who came from Guadalajara and seemingly were abandoned by the “coyote”.

Since they had been found in a wild and very unreachable area, it was necessary to call de C4 Command Center to rescue and extract the family who came from Guadalajara and were trying to reach the United States. Descent was very complicated due to one of the rescued was an overweight person, had an injured ankle, and it was important to avoid risking the minors.

The family, hailing from Guadalajara in the central East state of Jalisco are: Alfredo de Ávila Castellanos 54 years old, Blanca Estela Hernández Martinez, 54 years old, Jesus Nazareth de Ávila Hernández 26 years old, Alondra de Ávila Hernández 21 years old, Carlos Daniel de Ávila Hernández 19, Katherine Victoria de Ávila León 5 and Lucio Emiliano de Ávila León 3.

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