22 marzo, 2023

Cotton harvest starts in Mexicali Valley, about 45 thousand acres were sown, according to federal agriculture representative


In the valley of Mexicali one thousand 079 hectares (about 2 thousand 700 acres) of cotton have been harvested, which represents an advance of 6.11% of 18 thousand 254 hectares (41 thousand acres) which were sown this year, said Juan Manuel Martínez Núñez, Representative of the Agriculture and Rural Development Secretary in Baja California , he also said that harvest is taking place mainly in the agricultural fields belonging to the Benito Juárez, Hechicera and Delta Rural Development Support Centers (CADER).

The greatest advance (11.89%) is recorded in the Benito Juárez center, with the harvest of 826 hectares, from a 7,358-hectare program, the production of fiber generated, will allow the production of 4,741 bales, since the average yield registered as of September 25, it is 5,740 bales per hectare.

In CADER Hechicera, 183 hectares have been harvested, which implies a harvest progress of 3.91%, in relation to the 4,850 hectares planted this year, a production of 1,277 bales, with an average yield of 6,980 bales per hectare.

In the CADER Delta, 70 hectares have been harvested, which implies a progress of 2.54% of the 2,755 hectares sown, the fiber achieved will make it possible to make about 449 bales with a yield of 6,410 bales per hectare.

In the Cerro Prieto, Guadalupe Victoria and Colonias Nuevas centers, they have not yet begun harvesting work, according to Carlos Zambrano Reyes, from the Rural Development District 002, Río Colorado –Mexicali Valley-, Martínez Núñez said that the average yield , in the entire Mexicali Valley, it is 5,994 bales per hectare; with enough production to generate 6 thousand 467 bales.

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