22 marzo, 2023

(video): Los Cabos: Man who was riding a jet ski and ran over and killed a woman will face trial for manslaughter

(Video: NotiSalud)

About a month ago, August 7, a tourist who as riding a Jet Ski in the waters of Los Cabos, lost control at a very high speed and went straight to the beach where he ran over a woman, who died there and then continued hos trajectory towards a terrace restaurant where he destroyed property and hurt two more people, now the man riding the vehicle has been arraigned and will face accusations for manslaughter, accidental attempted murder and property damages, according to Baja California Sur General Attorney Office (PGE in Spanish).

It was in the area of Playa El Médano, where the alleged perpetrator, Abraham “X”, lost control of the recreational water vehicle, which in a few seconds turned into a lethal weapon, when he went out of the water and ran over a woman who was walking on the beach, and then continued to the restaurant, where people were frightened and reacted within seconds, saving their own lives.

Los Cabos Civil Protection director, Erick Santillan Castillo, had said that the Jet Ski, “somwhow started on its own and went towards the beach”, which is an utterly absurd version of the events that cost a woman´s life, rumor has it she was a beach vendor, and hurt two customers in the restaurant as well as destroying tables an chairs among other things, witnesses and the State Attorney’s versions, are totally opposed to the “magic jet ski” theory of Mr. Santillan.

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