8 diciembre, 2023

State Guard seizes 73 packages containing crystal methamphetamine and slot machines in Mexicali Valley


Baja California State Guard seized drugs, money and illegal slot machines, while they were accomplishing a search warrant in a house at Poblado Paredones in Mexicali Valley, they confiscated 73 small packages with methamphetamine, cash and the two machines, according to a press release from the State General Attorney, and a man was also detained in the premises.

Besides the drugs, there was also a digital scale sized, which may indicate that the suspect was selling drugs, his name is LUIS ALBERTO “X” aka EL BOMBON, 37 years old, who also works as a butcher and hails from San Luis Rio Colorado, Sonora, his house was on Mexico Avenue on the aforementioned Poblado Paredones.

Intelligence work allowed the Public Ministry agent, from the Narcomenudeo (drug retail sales) Special Attorney, to integrate a case file and asked the Control Judge the search warrant, which carried out by the State Guard on Security and Investigation (GESI), who deployed an operative to fulfill the judiciary order, resulting in the seizure and arrest.

This is part of the permanent war on drugs and other illegal activities carried out by the State General Attorney (FGE) and the GESI, the detained, the drugs and machines were taken to the evidence room of the FGE, LUIS ALBERTO will have his day in court where his arrest will be determined legal or illegal and then in a second hearing he will be arraigned.

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