29 noviembre, 2022

Baja Lessons…Lesson 2: Ruby, another Baja experience shared by the Crazed Lady

Baja Lessons…10 Days, 10 People, 10 Lessons…Lesson 2: Ruby



Baja Lessons…10 Days, 10 People, 10 Lessons…Lesson 2: Ruby Versión en inglés y español incluida

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I’m jealous of Ruby. I was the day I met her and probably always will be. Ruby is a nomad. A traveler. A surfer. An adventurer. A badass. At least I think so. She represents a life I think I would have liked and a life maybe someday I will be brave enough to live.

I first saw Ruby sitting on the beach by herself, gazing out to the ocean. The beach wasn’t too crowded and eventually our paths crossed. During our conversation, I learned that she was originally from Australia and had spent much of the last years traveling. Sometimes with others but often by herself. Through Bali and Indonesia and in a camper from Canada all the way to the very southern tip of Baja.


She was young and vibrant, but I think her soul had age. She was wise and observant and I think could tell what people needed. I think she could tell what I needed. Her telling me that she could see I was strong and that she was glad I was finding my path. Her recognizing the beauty in my family and the appreciation she showed for getting to know each of us. She was kind and gentle, but I’m pretty she could be tough and strong just as easily.


I think it’s brave to be that independent. It’s brave to explore the world. It’s brave to meet new people. It’s even more brave to be by yourself. It’s brave to be kind and gracious and giving.

So it’s from Ruby that I was reminded to be brave. To keep following my path. My journey. To not worry about what other’s think or to care if they understand my why. To just be me. Just live my life. Just do what I want. Just be brave.

10 Days, 10, People, 10 Lessons


Lesson 1: Antonio

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