10 diciembre, 2023

Outsourcing is effective but it must operate within legal boundaries and carried out ethically: CETYS Law Professor Jose Manuel Nuñez


Through history, creativity, invention and human innovation have led us to find new horizons of opportunity in business. In an era of constant evolution, the existence of parameters and guidelines that generate a balance between the free market, formality and fundamental human rights has become necessary.

The subcontracting scheme, understood by some as the outsourcing of marketing or outsourcing, is not exempt from this need, explained José Manuel Núñez Organista, Professor at the CETYS University Campus Mexicali Law School.

Also known as outsourcing, subcontracting is the economic process in which a company transfers the resources and responsibilities inherent to certain tasks or services to a subcontractor company engaged in specialized activities.

“Outsourcing has found important niches of opportunity in various spheres of productive, commercial, mercantile and industrial activities, inserting itself into various economies both locally and internationally.” However, the implementation of this system of services cannot and should not be separated from the sphere of law, confronting it with a dilemma centered on the contrast between what can and what should be done from the business point of view, and in the application of a perspective of respect for the human rights of workers.

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