4 octubre, 2023

El Freddy, alleged head of a drug vending crew in San Felipe was arrested by State General Attorney´s special agents


A man who goes by the nickname of EL FREDDY, a 43 year old from San Felipe, who is allegedly the drug pushers leader in town, was arrested by special agents from the General State Attorney (FGE in Spanish), versions had it he leads a crew that supplies drugs among the port´s youth

JESUS ALEXANDRO “N” became a person of interest for the law enforcement agency when representatives of resident’s organizations, during a meeting with FGE officials denounced drug pushers and his name came up, so an ivestigation got unedr way and finally EL Fredy was located and detained.

HE was on the corner of Mar de las Flores Ave and Ensenada St, when agents frisked him he had 5 cocaine packs weighing 5.8 grams, so he was detained and when they ran his name on the Police data base, his name came up as related to several investigations so he was sent to the Special Attorney for Narcomenudeo (drug “retail” selling) and he will have to face court shortly.

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