29 enero, 2023

Los Cabos City Hall keeps constant track of local street vendors COVID19 special rules compliance


Los Cabos Civil Protection department continues carrying out visit of all the local street vendors, to check if they comply with the protocols that the State Health Council has issued, aiming to safeguard the health of the citizens during the health contingency that goes through in Los Cabos, said director Erick Santillan Castillo.

In compliance with the guidelines established by the Ministry of Health, personnel assigned to Civil Protection closed about 62 market stands, 26 of them have been fined, whose owners have been in disobedience of the opening, which means that, according to the COVID-19 traffic light, they should not be open.

Santillán Castillo reported that, in addition to the tours, citizen reports received by telephone,  (911), social networks, such as the Facebook page: Civil Protection of Los Cabos, reporting people not keeping healthy distance, the lack of use of mouth covers and antibacterial gel: «we need the help of the community to prevent the number of infections from rising,».

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