9 diciembre, 2023

Toxic waste: 120 blood sample used test tubes were found in La Rumorosa, between Mexicali and Tijuana


Organic waste, used blood samples inside more than 120 test tubes were found aside the road right between kilometers 60 & 61 of the Mexicali-Tijuana highway, in La Rumorosa, according to Marco Aurelio Gámez, chief of the Mexicali bureau of the Commission for Sanitary Risk Prevention (COEPRIS in Spanish), who said that FIARUM (government organization in charge of managing and maintaining the road in good condition) found the materials and reported it to the commission.  

A judicial investigation has been started and a criminal file has been opened on this case, which is not the first one happening in the area, said Gamez, and the legal suit is already on, against whoever turns out to be responsible for this, the most important thing is to find who did this in order for the COEPRIS to set an example and show that this kind of disrespect for nature and for human lives won´t go without punishment: “They can´t get away with this whoever they are”, he said.

Gamez arrived to the place where the toxic waste was located, with COEPRIS personnel and workers from Industrial Processes Inc., who lift the which contained blood, some samples will be sent to the Public Health Laboratory to be analyzed and determine the content of the tubes, while the rest of the materials will be destroyed to avoid any health risks and problems.

Gamez Servin reminded that it is not the first time that this illegal waste disposal happens, so he Cantilena agreed with FIARUM officials that surveillance will be strengthened, mostly between the (around Laguna Salada) and La Rumorosa section of the highway, in an effort to locate the people who did this.

This is not the first time that this section of the road is used as a waste disposal depository, which constitutes a felony that endangers human, life and shows how disrespectful some medical labs and companies are when it comes to protecting the environment, and this sort of things are a huge hazard for people´s health.

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