1 diciembre, 2023

Baja California Labor Secretary has suspended 740 “non-essential” businesses since the pandemics social distancing started


For being of “non-essential” nature, 740 businesses have been suspended, and 82 thousand 956 workers sent to their homes to protect them against the dreadful coronavirus, since last March, when the COVID19 crisis made people all over the world, shut down and lock up in their own homes to prevent contagion, according to the head of the Secretary of Labor and Social Prevention (STPS) of Baja California, Sergio Moctezuma Martinez Lopez.

Secretary Martinez said that, from April 1 to date, there have been 9 thousand 892 advisory sessions with workers who have approached the labor authority to submit complaints against their employers for breaking labor Law, as well as 2 thousand 542 labor suits regarding subjects such as: Unfair firing, force vulnerable workers to go back to their jobs, illegal salary discounts and not paying fringe benefits.

Besides that, there have been 2 thousand 820 legal labor procedures all over the State, against employers refusing to pay severance, not respecting settlements between employee and employer, due salaries, vacation payments and profit share, all of which are legal rights that any worker in Mexico should have, but the pandemics crisis has made it difficult for them to collect and bosses don´t seem to be interested in fulfilling their labor legal obligations.  

This companies and businesses didn´t follow the STPS directions and kept working, arguing that their activity was “essential” but the labor secretary didn´t  think they met the criteria to be considered so, thus the authority proceeded to close and suspend activities in those places, until the State achieves the “orange light” code, meanwhile most of them have to be “forced” to accomplish their legal obligations towards their employees.

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