4 octubre, 2023

Baja California Governemnt seeks to foster San Felipe fishing activities in order to make them more profitable


Joint institutional actions to promote fishing activity and the economic activities they generate to benefit the population of San Felipe, were the reason for the meeting between Baja California Secretary of Fisheries and Aquaculture (SEPESCA), Alma Rosa García Juárez, and the president of San Felipe Municipal Council, José Luis Dagnino López.

They discussed the importance of promoting public policies in order to encourage and support fishery permit holders in the fishing sector to make their activity more profitable, in which Governor Marina del Pilar Avila Olmeda, has shown interest.

Rosa Garcia, Fishing Secretary of Baja California and Jose Luis Dagnino, San Felipe Municipal Council President, got together to talk about the porft´s fisherfy, commercial as well as sports

With peaceful, orderly and harmonious labor operations, the political and economic development that San Felipe deserves can be achieved, said García Juárez, and praised the efforts of fishermen who continue their productive enterprising projects, despite measures taken to protect Vaquita Marina and Totoaba, which put them at risk of failing to provide for their families.

SEPESCA is looking for alternatives to expand fishing opportunities, the potential of the activity in San Felipe is huge, with export species such as geoduck, milkfish and hake, for example,  that make the port´s fishery an economic relevant activity that might as well detonate the port´s financial potential.

Sport fishing, is also important for the port, it yields financial benefits for local communities with a fishing vocation, such as San Felipe, creating jobs and significant economic benefits for tourism service providers and local businesses.

One example is the International Sport Fishing Championship, promoted by the State in coordination with the Association of Fishing Clubs, which will take place in San Felipe, on June 23 and 24, at the meeting, García Juárez was accompanied by the directors of Fisheries, Luis Manuel Robles Briseño, and of Aquaculture, Rogelio Sánchez Salazar.

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