8 diciembre, 2023

A drug dealer who fled on bail and a violent individual who brutally attacked another person, arrested in Mexicali


He didn´t know why, but he was on his Yukon pick up when another man, enraged for unknown reasons crashed into his car, impacting the driver´s door and causing a double leg fracture (tibia and fibula) so the State General Attorney conceded the arrest warrant against JOSE ANTONIO “X”.

The affected said that he was in his car, on July 15 2018, when he saw the other man fast driving towards him and then he was hit, he said that he is not aware if there was any reason whatsoever for the other man to attack him, an aggression that might as well be considered attempted murder, the fact of the matter is that it took two years for justice to be done, and it shouldn´t be so.

The other case, of ARMANDO “X” who was wanted by the State Attorney Office, and there was an arrest warrant since he had bailed out and fled, he was arrested in 2017 for possession of methamphetamine and marihuana with intent to sell and then he was supposed to go on trial free but he ran away, he skipped bail.

Both individuals were sent to detention and they are awaiting on the judge´s announcement to continue with their respective trials.

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