10 diciembre, 2023
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Baja California is coming along in economic recovery from COVID19 crisis: State Economy Secretary, Mario Escobedo


One thousand 500 million pesos, a fund which was raised among National Finance and Baja California state government, will help local entrepreneurs to have an endorsement and not to risk their assets, said Mario Escobedo Carignan secretary of tourism and sustainable economics bureau, he also said that with this and other strategies, Baja California is leading the way to economic recovery, because the Jaime Bonilla Valdez government is generating possible development alternatives.

“Sectors like the maquiladora industry, agriculture, fishing and tourist services are showing positive symptoms for the economy, and we are promoting financial incentives to strengthen job creation,” he said. Baja Californians, he added, belong to a region in which it is possible to recover the economic levels that were before the coronavirus pandemic. Thanks to what he considered the “phenomenon of Baja California”, it is that the maquiladora industry and tourist activity can have an almost immediate revival, as soon as the health authorities consider it appropriate.

“As long as contagions can be marginally maintained, we can recover in activities such as the offer of international tourism, fishing and aquaculture with a world market, and our specialized workforce,” said Escobedo Carignan.

In another area, he commented that the State Government has financial support for micro and small companies, in addition to the financing fund with National finance, so that medium-sized companies have a guarantee against commercial banks.

He explained that a fund of 1,564 million pesos was created between the State Government and Nafin, to guarantee companies against the private roof, in order to request loans of between 500 thousand and 2.5 million pesos. Mario Escobedo Carignan specified that, with that support, the beneficiaries do not have to put their family assets at risk.

The most important part, after controlling the contagions, is employment, so that the residents of Baja California can return to the path of economic development that we are used to.

Escobedo Carignan said that investors from Asia, Europe and the United States are interested in Baja California, especially in manufacturing, due to the opportunities offered by being close to the economy of California and the Western United States. He commented that, during the pandemic, only the agricultural sector of Ensenada held 13,000 jobs in January and May, which allowed maintaining positive figures in the state.

The state official referred to the small and aquaculture sector as an area of ​​opportunity for revival, given his experience in the international market, and announced that sport fishing ship-owners could soon start operations.

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