10 diciembre, 2023

Baja California State Government canceled Gayosso’s funeral crematory for irregular operations


Funeral crematory facilities operated by Gayosso Funeral Services, has been cancelled because it doesn´t have an operation license, because  generates polluting emissions to the atmosphere, this happens in Tijuana, informed by Mario Escobedo, head of the Sustainable Economic and Tourism Secretary. (SEST)

It was the response to a complaint, presented by hundreds of people from Juárez, Madero y La Cacho Tijuana neighborhoods. Resulting in an administrative process by the STPE, on July 3rd the STPS received an official letter from the neighborhoods’ residents, and in an official letter, it said that Gayosso generates a lot of pollution with those crematory furnaces.

According to the affected population, the daily 15 to 20 minutes black smoke emissions throws ashes on their houses, also, it leaves a very bad smell all over the neighborhoods constantly, so he immediately ordered the suspension, to take care of the emergency situation, agents from the bureau had a chat with people from those places and had a reunion with former Gayosso’s workers, with an specific goal to solve those pollution problems and the possible irregular operation.

During the inspection agents found on site: a furnace that works with propane liquid gas, and it doesn’t have an operation license, does not have an emission source license and that was the reason to cancel Gayosso’s furnace facilities, until they do the former license acquisition on the corresponding bureau.

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