25 marzo, 2023

American citizen under parole fled to Mexicali and was arrested by the the State Guard of Baja California


An American citizen, who was wanted in the United States for drug trafficking was arrested in Mexicali by agents of the State Guard of Baja California General Attorney´s Office (FGE in Spanish). The US Marshals had contacted the International Liaison of the FGE, and after a hard intelligence and investigation work, they managed to determine the man´s whereabouts.

It was a house in the Privada del Sol street, where they detained CARLOS LEE, 23 years old, hailing from Fresno, California, who had an arrest warrant, dated March 23, 2020, for drug trafficking.

HE had been arrested in June 2017 in the pedestrian border crossing trying to smuggle one kilo of methamphetamine, he was taken and locked up in Imperial County Jail, and from there he was sent to a Los Angeles jail, where he managed to go out on parole, which he violated and fled to Mexico, now he will have to face justice again.

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