25 octubre, 2021

State Guard agent shot in Ensenada, he was carrying out a search warrant, alleged killer arrested


This week, two special agents, from the State Guard of Security and Investigation (GESI in Spanish), were shot, one of them died in the hospital, the second one is recovering from bullet wounds, they were about to carry out a search warrant in 1216-B Calle Octava in an Ensenada section called Colonia Obrera, said Baja California General Attorney, Guillermo Hernandez Ruiz.

The agents were just arriving to the aforementioned address with the search warrant, they knocked and there was no answer so they entered and were received with a blaze of gun fire from the second floor, they shot back but GESI agent Daniel Federico Villalvazo was wounded badly and died in a hospital, while Luis Carlos Sierra Lizarraga was also injured but he´s well and recovering.

Back up arrived, and they managed to arrest Oscar “X” AKA “el Osuna” AKA Jose Eduardo Osuna Torres, 23 years old who had an arrest warrant for allegedly murdering another GESI agent, Manuel Avendaño Rojas, which took place on May 22 of 2020 in Ensenada too.

During the search, GESI agents found Two R-15 rifles, ammunition, bulletproof chests and several packages containing what seemed to be methamphetamine and another substance that seemed to be heroin, so el Osuna was arrested and taken to detention in order for him to face the charges of homicide and drug trafficking.

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