8 diciembre, 2022

San Felipe faces a difficult challenge trying to “reopen” touristic and other services


Miguel Angel Torres, head of Mexicali´s Restaurant Chamber, visited several restaurants, with sanitary and municipal authorities, to check the sanitary measures restaurants have adopted, with the expectation of opening soon, but the red light sanitary code in Mexicali is the main obstacle, they hope to get some good news by the second half of July and open at 30% of their capacity.

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This 4th of July will be a silent one for the thousands of ex pats living in San Felipe, Mexicali authorities have closed the border to Americans intending to travel to San Felipe, Puertecitos and other Sea of Cortez beaches to celebrate Independence Day, thus affecting the local economy that has barely survived, the cities that have opened business expecting to receive tourists, are on thin ice, there has been very little tourist flow.

On June 8th, the Mayan Riviera (CanCun, Playa del Carmen, etc.) hotels and restaurants opened (at 30% of their capacity, too) as well as the beaches, but there hasn´t been a flow of tourists and activities are open but demand has been very weak and movement too slow, besides that, locals have flooded the beaches and they may close again.

Los Cabos opened beaches and businesses on June 15, while hotels and resort have seen very little activity, again locals have been going to the beaches which looked crowded and the beaches in La Paz (east of Los Cabos and State Capital) have closed again, while in Los Cabos they are still open but federal Authorities form ZOFEMAT have warned the people to abbey the rules or they may close the beaches again.

Acapulco is another big tourist destination, two days ago beaches reopened, but the local vendors who sell seafood and souvenirs are not allowed in the beach, promotors who rent ski, sailboats, scuba diving, boat rides, parachute rides and other attractions are not allowed either, restaurants and night clubs are operating at a third of their capacity.

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