1 diciembre, 2023

Immigrants’ caravan started in Honduras two days ago, dissolved by Police before they reached Guatemala


San Pedro Sula, one of Honduras major cities, was the meeting point for more than one hundred people, they intended to start marching towards Guatemala, crossed the border and then enter Mexico to march to the North, aiming to enter the USA, running away from the health and economic crisis that COVID 19 has triggered, but according to the latest information, Police dissolved the caravan as they were trying to get into Guatemala, they have broken down in small groups that may still be trying to walk their way to the USA.

Honduras and other Central American citizens live between a rock and a hard place, threatened by the “maras” (gangs) and mistreated by the Government, so they try to flee and cross Guatemala and Mexico, walking to the United States, and, for some reason, they choose to reach the Tijuana border to attempt crossing to the States, in looking for job opportunities and a better life, most of them don´t make it, and have to go back to violence and repression in their countries.

There had been rumors   about a caravan on the way to the Mexico Us border in Baja California, a few days ago, Isaías Bertín, security advisors to Governor Bonilla, mentioned the caravan but said that they hadn´t entered Mexican soil, and that was all the information he had.

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