8 diciembre, 2023

Beaches re-opened June 15 in Los Cabos, but they could be closed again, too many visitors


Economic reactivation of Mexico´s touristic sector faces big challenges, hotels, restaurants, bars and night clubs, as well as beaches and shopping malls, can´t take more than 30% of their capacity, and in the beach that is very difficult to control and Los Cabos City Hall might have to close beaches again.

(Photo: Los CAbos Municipality)

Los Cabos officially re-opened as of June 15th, the first two weeks touristic activity has been slow, except for the beaches, a lot of people have gone to the sandy seashore after several weeks of confinement, so they have flooded the beaches, so city and federal authorities are considering to close again.

On the other hand, several Los Cabos touristic operators and promotors have mentioned that on late July and early August, flights from New York and other American cities are expected to start arriving, it seems (again) that Los Cabos economic re-activation won´t happen overnight and it´s still a long road, as it is for the resto of Mexico´s touristic destinations.

 (Source: Los Cabos Municipality)

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