22 marzo, 2023

Water fee collecting campaign, Baja California government is searching all over the State


The case of El Dorado Ranch in San Felipe and its tax and water fee debts are part of a campaign of sorts that governor Jaime Bonilla has started, intending to collect millions of pesos in long overdue payments taxes, so big companies such as Wal-Mart, Kenworth, the Caliente Group (casinos) and Tijuana International Airport, had water fee debts, and Baja California government has been searching and collecting.

Last week´s problems with a San Felipe clinic, had to do with sanitary authorities, and the 1.6 million water fee debt and the 60 million pesos not paid in landowner´s taxes, concern to the State and Municipal authorities, the matter that concerns Governor Bonilla now is the water issue, but it is not only El Dorado Ranch, Baja California government has collected water use debts form several big companies, here are some of them, some of them have debts due to unaccounted amounts of water use and others hadn´t paid the rights to connect to the water system:

Parque Industrial Girasoles: 7 million 997 thousand 395 pesos (derechos de conexión).
Springs Windows Fashions de Tijuana: 6 million 178 thousand 958 pesos (connection rights).
Kamimex: 1 million 485 thousand 584 pesos (connection rights) y 6 million 713 thousand 680 pesos.
Inmobiliaria Flecha Amarilla: 5 million 669 thousand 979 pesos (connection rights).
BRG Sports México: 3 million 242 thousand 721 pesos (water not accounted by the user).
Bo Kwang Printing: 1 million 386 thousand 545 pesos (connection rights).
Hotel San Nicolás: 1 million 175 thousand 810 pesos (water not accounted by the user).
North American Production Sharing de México: 1 million 166 thousand 010 pesos (water not accounted by the user).
Ensambles Hyson: 1 million 138 thousand 947 pesos (connection rights).
C&J Tech México: 1 million 056 thousand 836 pesos (water not accounted by the user).

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