4 octubre, 2023

Nebraska Crossing and JUSTDATA®, headquartered in Gretna, Nebraska, announces $5 million contribution to Husker Volleyball via 1890 Initiative


JUSTDATA®, a fast-growing multi-industry firm in the $200 billion financial technology (“fintech”) space where it is working to reshape the shopping center industry and collegiate athletics landscape, by entering a groundbreaking partnership with Nebraska’s NIL collective, The 1890 Initiative.

This partnership will provide $5 million over the next 10 years to support NIL for Husker Volleyball student-athletes. The 1890 Initiative is led by former Husker Matt Davison and owned by Tom and Shawn Peed of Sandhills Global.

The deal with 1890 will be the first of many as JUSTDATA® looks to remake college athletics by leveraging financial technologies. JUSTDATA® is negotiating with the top 25 collegiate athletics programs in the country.

JUSTDATA® is working with collectives supporting student athletes at the University of Nebraska and Purdue University, given the founders connection with these athletic programs. Last year Nebraska Crossing and JUSTDATA® announced a partnership with Drew Brees as a strategic investor and partner in both Nebraska Crossing and JUSTDATA®. 

“Nebraska and Purdue are special places and continually produce world-class student athletes for us to recruit. In our view, there was no better place to build and grow a company than in ‘Big 10 Country’ and creating new fintech technologies in an ecosystem platform will bring more attention to what is happening right here in Nebraska,” added Rod Yates. 

By creating an ecosystem with the dominant athletic program and dominant shopping center in the trade area, JUSTDATA® creates a fanatical cashback customer acquisition platform for the shopping center retail brands and the athletic sponsors of universities. The primary objective is aligned when building shopping centers or becoming corporate sponsors of collegiates athletics–to acquire the most valuable customers (fans) and create loyalty. “Through JUSTDATA’s FASTCASH APP™, a patented mobile cashback application, we created a ‘co-opetition’ ecosystem uniting global and national brand competitors to achieve a set of common goals; customer (fan) loyalty, stickiness, and consumer growth,” offered Johanna Boston.“Thank you to the Nebraska Crossing team for this generous gift to 1890 in support of Husker Volleyball. Your vision for NIL is a game changer for Husker Volleyball and will propel our program for years to come.”John Cook, Head Volleyball Coach for University of Nebraska CornhuskersWhat is the FASTCASH APP™ and how does it work?

  • The Patented FASTCASH APP™ is a cashback mobile application that enables consumers and fans to earn and burn cashback rewards within an ecosystem (Nebraska Crossing retail brands + supporters of athletics), all through one passive rewards program.
  • The consumer/fan downloads the app, and securely links their credit/debit card(s) through Plaid® and is issued a virtual Visa® card within the app. When the consumer shops using their linked card(s) they earn cashback that is loaded onto their virtual Visa® to spend within the ecosystem. No coupons, loyalty cards, or scanning codes needed!
  • It’s passive rewards that adds up fast! Uniting brands that consumers and fans use every day—Grocery, Gas, Retail Brands, Insurance, Banking Institutions, Restaurants, and More!

Benefits for Volleyball Athletes?

  • $5 million of new NIL money to support financial initiatives for the athletes.
  • Name, Image, & Likeness opportunities, to become FASTCASH™ Brand Ambassadors.
  • Real-life opportunities to learn and participate in the fintech industry, typically not available to most collegiate athletes.
  • Work directly with the founders and owners of JUSTDATA® and Nebraska Crossing + new career opportunities once their athletic career concludes. JUSTDATA® Sports expects to hire 200 new employees over the next two years.
  • Each athlete will receive $2,000 FASTCASH™ (cashback) annually to redeem within the Nebraska Crossing ecosystem of brands.

Benefits of JUSTDATA® platform for the fans?

  • The cashback platform allows fans to easily support their team through donations. Fans can donate a portion (or all) of their cashback directly to the NIL Collective with one-touch on the FASTCASH APP™.
  • The value proposition is CASH! Fans can earn on average, up to $2,000 annually in cashback to spend within the ecosystem.
  • It’s Passive Rewards. Connect once through the FASTCASH APP™ and start shopping! Enjoy One (1) Loyalty Program with multiple brands! It’s a powerful loyalty program uniting Nebraska Crossing Retail Brands with the participating brand supporters of athletics, for fans to earn cashback.

Benefits for coaches and athletics?

  • New recruiting tools that propel partnered NIL programs to the apex of athletic programs in the country.
  • Creates a new revenue model and a way to acquire new customers (fans) for athletics—that are key drivers for the financial health of an athletic program.
  • Fan engagement—365 days a year.
  • The JUSTDATA® ecosystem platform will be the largest financial sponsor of NIL by increasing by a factor of 10, in 24 months.

Benefits to Brand Partners?

  • The FASTCASH APP™ requires zero point-of-sale integration for brand partners.
  • Massive new customer acquisition model delivering a clear and measurable ROI (Return on Investment) for new & existing brand partners.
  • Access to the Nebraska Crossing FASTCASH APP™ users and athletics’ fan bases!

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