4 octubre, 2023

State and Federal agencies seized one hundred kilos of drugs


Around 100 kilos of three different illegal substances (apparently cocaine, meth and fentanyl) were seized in Tijuana during an operation led by the Baja California Citizen Security Secretary (SSCBC) in coordination with the National Defense Secretary (SEDENA) and the National Guard (GN), according to a press release from the Baja California State Government.

They also arrested a man, who was in possession of the impressive amount of narcotics, everything started with an anonymous complaint, which a citizen made to emergency line 089, which was taken care of by the State and Federal authorities mentioned above.

It was in Los Alamitos Private, in Las Torres neighborhood, in the lower part of Tijuana, where the agents of the State Citizen Security Force (FESC), National Guard and the Mexican Army were looking for a house which had been pointed at as an alleged drug sales point, managing to locate a man performing maneuvers inside the trunk of a 2020 Chevrolet Aveo vehicle.

The afore mentioned subject, upon noticing the presence of the authorities on the road, left a black suitcase on the ground and began to walk away, however, he was immediately approached and intervened by the police and military agents, identifying himself as Manuel Ernesto “N”, 43 years old and hailing from Culiacan, Sinaloa.

After inspecting the inside of the car they found:
1.- A long black firearm, which has a silencer, with a bipod and telescopic sight, with the legends “246-96258”, “RUGER”, “MODEL 10 22”, “.22 LR CALIBER”.
2.-A blue cloth suitcase containing: 12 plastic bags with blue tablets with the legend “M” on one side and “30” on the other side, similar to fentanyl, weighing approximately 13.50 kilos.
3.- Two cloth suitcases in which various packages of a substance similar to methamphetamine were distributed, giving an approximate total weight of 38,517 kilos.
4.-A bag with 48 packages containing white powder, similar to cocaine with an approximate weight of 53.66 kilos.

Manuel Ernesto “N” was immediately arrested and placed at the disposal of the competent authority to determine his legal situation.

The Baja California Secretary for Citizen Security, led by General Tizoc Aguilar Durán, continues to work with other law enforcement agencies and the military, responding to anonymous complaints made to the 089-emergency line, as well as reports received through the emergency number 911.

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