4 diciembre, 2023

From Mexicali to Silicon Valley: Student from CETYS to do internship in TESLA


CETYS is a private college, and after the UABC (Baja California State Authonomous University) is the most important University in the State., since 1961.

Eduardo Armenta García is a Mechanical Engineering student at CETYS University Campus Mexicali. His story, marked by perseverance and determination, shows how when you have a goal that you pursue with effort, doors can open when you least expect it. (CETYS Communication Department press release)

“I applied in the winter of 2021, in January 2022 I had an interview for a position on chassis equipment, and I did not go to the next stage. Then in May 2022 I received an email for another interview, this time in manufacturing , and I didn’t stay either. I reapplied for the vacancies for the following season; that is, I applied in the summer for those that started in February and I left it there, I no longer received a response, “shared Eduardo.

The third time is not always the charm. After trying 4 times, during the spring of 2023 he received the news he was waiting for: His admission to do an internship at Tesla.

After the approach visit to the School of Engineering of CETYS University that Tesla Motors employees carried out in March 2023, he felt motivated to try again, this time after receiving the advice and advice of the visiting staff.

Thus, in May, he received the news he had been waiting for. “I received an invitation email to join the component integration team. Basically, this is the final phase of the car development process, ensuring that each part that design sends out fits perfectly and is functional, that is, , that can be maintained and offers a good user experience; I could also participate in other activities since that department is very broad and they also work with solar panels and electricity installations”.

Excited about his next adventure at Tesla, he reflects on the timely arrival of this possibility, since at 21 years old and in the final phase of his training as an engineer, he is still evaluating what his area of ​​expertise will be.

“Although before this opportunity I did not have a plan yet, I did not know what branch of engineering I wanted to dedicate myself to, I always knew that I wanted to go and work outside of Mexico and this is the first step, I know that if it goes well I can stay in Tesla”.

It will be from August to December 2023 when Eduardo lives his internship at the offices of the leading technological innovation company located in Silicon Valley in California, United States, with the possibility of extending it until mid-2024 when, in addition, he will graduate from the university.

Due to his outstanding performance as a college student, he has scholarships for high grades average as for having graduated from CETYS High School, in addition to an educational loan.

“The fact of having a certified career in ABET, which says that CETYS mechanical engineering meets the required standards, makes you eligible in practically all the places where you apply in the United States; In this sense, CETYS already opened the doors for me. It has also been very important to participate in an extracurricular project, CETYS Mini Baja, because recruiters are interested in engineers who dedicate time to activities that contribute to their professional and personal development, because there you develop communication, organization, leadership, and other skills.”

With the nostalgia of seeing him fulfill one of his greatest dreams, Eduardo’s parents and siblings have been key in this achievement. “They always supported me in school, in doing everything they could to give me the best education, and in understanding when I was busy on Saturdays and during family events because I would be working on projects. They knew that at some point they would have a reward and it is already coming, this is the first, everything is paying off,” he said.

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