4 junio, 2023

Hollywood teams and Chinese filmmakers cooperate to build new hubs of film industry


On May 18, 2023, “building new hubs of film industry between the Greater Bay Area(GBA) and China-ASEAN Free Trade Zone” and also the launch ceremony of the Train to the Frontier was held in Guangzhou.

After providing virtual production for Everything Everywhere All at Once and King of the Sky , virtual production of Unilumin will be applied to the Train to the Frontier again, which gains recognition of film industry experts at home and abroad, accelerating the industrialization process of domestic movies.

Huang Changning, the president of Guangdong Film Industry Association, as well as leaders of Guangzhou Legendary Film Corporation, Unilumin, and other enterprises were invited to be present. In addition, the producing team of the Train to the Frontier, including Fang Jinli (the director), Mike Leeder (the joint producer), Phil Nibbelink (the art director), Victor Enriquez (the coordinator of visual special effects), and Dmitry(the director of special effects), gathered in Guangzhou 1978 Film Town to witness the new chapter of film industry together.

In this ceremony, Guangzhou Legendary Film Corporation and Unilumin established strategic cooperation partnership in virtual production, special effects making and digital assets about six movies such as the Train to the Frontier and Romantic Years etc. Furthermore, Guangzhou Legendary Film Corporation, Unilumin, and Guangxi Satellite TV established strategic cooperation partnership and cooperated to strengthen promotion and enlarge application of virtual production.

The Train to the Frontier tells the story about passengers fighting outlaws who possess national treasures illegally in a train driving to the frontier. It’s reported that Hollywood teams and Chinese filmmakers cooperate to adopt Unilumin’s complete solution of virtual production in this movie. And 90% content of this movie will be shot in virtual shooting studios.

In the filed of virtual production,Unilumin has complete solutions, including film shooting, digital assets and LED displays in theaters. 

By 2022, over 100 studios are established by Unilumin among 140 virtual shooting studios around the world, accounting for 80% of the market. In the future, virtual production of Unilumin will serve as the bridge between domestic and foreign filmmakers for their communication, helping Chinese film industry boom and prosper.

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